You can plant the Peyote seeds in September or April. Spread out the seeds on the ground, then cover them with a thin layer of earth. Keep the soil moist and water it till it germinates. Do not overwater since the roots will decay; the seeds will sprout in a week.

The Peytote requires lots of heat and illumination, but not sunlight. 20 to 30 Celsius. requires little maintenance and a dry atmosphere. The peyote will reach a size of 10-15 cm after several years.

Looking after them
Only a few drops of water are required by peyote every two to three weeks. They don’t need any artificial lighting or water during the winter (December to February). In any case, they won’t grow throughout this time.


The peyote buds can be slowly chewed and consumed. Given how bitter peyote is to the taste, this is quite difficult. They could also be chopped up and blended with grapefruit juice.

To make them into a fine powder, dry them first. A capsule machine can then be used to encapsulate this powder. Since the active component composition varies from cactus to cactus, it is always challenging to dose the fresh buttons properly.

Never press all the buttons at once. Take a few of the cactus, then wait at least 45 minutes before taking more. Before consuming or preparing cacti, always remove the white fluff on them.

The journey may take anywhere from 5 to 24 hours. So it’s crucial to avoid scheduling anything for today or tomorrow. The effects are best experienced outside where there are no obstructions to the view.

Therefore, the optimum environments are on the seashore or in open plains. They should not be found in the forest, unlike mushrooms.


The mescaline-containing tiny, spineless cactus species Lophophora Williamsii is psychedelic. Indigenous peoples have employed these sacred cacti for countless years in religious rituals.

This specific variety develops a single head that, when it is fully grown, will bear lovely pink blooms. Afterward, the blossoms will develop little berries with seeds. Despite having psychotropic effects, it is entirely legal in Canada to possess them for growing purposes.

The mescaline-containing columnar cactus known as “San Pedro” grows quickly. For thousands of years, indigenous peoples have employed it in religious rituals. Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela are its native countries.

In the wild, they can reach heights of 3–6 m, are light to dark green, and have 6–8 ribs. When fully grown, they will create huge, two-day-blooming white nocturnal blooms. Despite its psychotropic effects, it is entirely lawful in both Canada and the USA to possess them for agricultural use.

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